Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Republic Day Celebration

This Republic Day, our soldiers on the wheelchairs, who are presently residing at the Army's Paraplegic Rehabilitation Centre in Mohali, had a day out with their families to the DLF Mall, specifically for watching URI movie. This movie time for the soldiers was initiated by Prasanchetas Foundation, which was further supported by the DLF City Centre Mall, IT Park, Chandigarh.

Apart from the movie, the soldiers and their families also had lunch at the mall, followed by some more moments of enjoyment and recreation in form of fun games, dance performances by NGO kids which was further complemented with the gracious presence of many senior officials from the Armed Forces inclusive of Rtd. Lt. General K.J.Singh, presently working as the Advisor to the CM, along with Major General Mann, ADG at the NCC Directorate along with other senior officials from all the three forces inclusive of army, navy and air force.

Some of the most heartening moments of these celebrations were the dance performance by our soldiers on the wheelchairs which made all the general public go spellbound. Lastly to express our gratitude to the soldiers, where a social media campaign was organized to involve the participation of general public, letters were invited from students, youth, teachers, corporate professionals and all which was further taken up more aggressively by Prasanchetas Foundation, by themselves making people write and hand over letters to their team and then few selective letters were read out in front of the senior defense officials.  Lastly, some letters were even sent to the soldiers at the LOC through the J & K Study Centre.

Dheeyan di Lohri

While most of us keep cribbing on various stereotypical thoughts prevailing in the society, only a few dare to come forward and change them.
Prasanchetas Foundation, always working on the positive mindset and trying to break through stereotypes and in this direction there another initiative was celebrating of Dheeyan di Lohri at a mass level along with the involvement of general public at the DLF City center Mall in the IT Park Chandigarh.

It was a three days event, inclusive of an online contest where to "post a selfie with your daughter" was huge hit, wherein all the parents were then invited to the mall as an honor and to celebrate with all, their daughters' first Lohri.
Also, Prasanchetas Foundation, which otherwise immensely works with the children from from various slum and other backward areas, had created a special platform especially for such less privileged students coming from very humble families to exhibit their talent on a public forum. For which a dance competition was organized for the children of various NGO'S to come forward and show case their talent. The whole crowd was spell bounded by the performances and applauded the talents of the students along with the efforts put in by the team to identify such enriching talent amongst the less privileged ones. Each group dance was honoured and appreciated along with their respective NGO.

Upcoming Punjabi singer Gursaaz also graced the occasion on the event, and spread the charm of his melodious voice on the crowd. The maddening crowd at the mall was peppingly dancing on his dance numbers during Gursaaz's live performance.
At this , Ms Manjula, director of the foundation added that," We just did our bit to shun out the stereotypical thinking of not celebrating birth of girl child, and we got huge response from the city and it's awesome to see, such a positive response to our efforts."
She also added her vote of thanks to the Gursaaz who is very much attached to all the social causes working towards girl child safety and well-being.

On the concluding day, Mx Dhananjay Chauhan graced the occasion as being a guest of honor. Various items like nukkad natak, solo items, puppet show, Beard and mustache competition, ramp walk with girl child, bhangra by children and kite making were the main attractions.

Mx Dhananjay Chauhan added that" She is intensively working for the human rights and she would love to be part of such a noble cause of abuse free childhood, on which Prasanchetas Foundation is aggressively putting in lot of efforts.

“Sharing the Warmth” at Old Age Home

While the tricity is basking in the joyous atmosphere of the New Year celebrations, Prasanchetas Foundation, empowered by all women team, thought to ring in the New Year with a difference. The New Year celebrations were planned in a manner that they can connect with the people with the warmth of their affection in the form of warm clothes, shoes, jackets, and blankets.

Starting their initiative from 21st December 2018, they took few toddlers from the city school to an Old Age home. Wherein they wanted the young "Santa Clause " to share some gifts of warmth with the residents of the Sai Old Age home, as Christmas gifts. The children distributed warm mufflers and caps for the harsh winter season ahead for the elderly. Children braced the elderly with their cute performances and scattered smiles and hugs to old age home residents.

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Mission Pad Girls

As we Indians are on this fast pace of progression, to move on from being a developing to a developed nation and with the women being more educated as an integral part of workforce. But then till date most of the educated women actually feel too shy or embarrassed to talk about their periods and related health issues confidently and openly. Infact most of the women prefer to hide this one of most important truth about themselves and not reveal or discuss some most crucial concerns related to their health and hygiene associated with irregular and erratic periods, with most of the men, inclusive of male doctor and that too almost throughout their life.

Yes for how long will our girls and women in India will shy off from talking about their periods and that too with most of the educated boys and men and then keep suffering from various health problems and above that keep bearing the embarrassment of all the various stereotypes and the humiliation of being bullied by fellow boys.

Apart from the above if, we look deeper into the lives of our uneducated women and girls or those belonging to rural or other backward areas, then the problem is much more chronic, as per the facts mentioned below:
•              As per UNICEF only 16% of girls use sanitary napkins during their periods!
•              UNICEF says, 28% of the students in  India do not go to the school during their periods!
•              Of the women using  cloth as absorbents, half of them use same cloth more than a month.
•              75% of the girls do not have any idea about what material to use to absorb the flow.
•              Lack of facilities and appropriate sanitary products can push menstruating girls out of school
•              Most of the girls students are bullied by the boys for carrying pads in their bags.

To overcome this major gap and to create a just society, where our girls and women have a complete understanding of this most natural process, which they go through every month and most importantly how to take care of themselves during periods by:
·         Being confident enough to talk freely and avoid the taboos around periods.
·         Ask for and seek help from both fellow women and also men.
·         Have an understanding of the benefits of using sanitary pads in place of cloth during periods.
·         Have an access to sanitary pads and should not shy off from availing this facility.
·         Overcome the pressures and suffering of various taboos and stereotypes.
·         Adopt to Healthy and Stress free ways of undergoing Periods.

·         Boys and men understand the pain of periods and pledge to be more respectful towards the girls and women of the society
·         Boys and men come forward to help and facilitate girls and women to undergo their periods safely and in a healthy way.
·         Mother understand the value to share their talks about periods  with their boys

To achieve  the above mentioned objectives, we on behalf of Prasanchetas Foundation came up with this Mission Pad Girls, where we are:
·         Spreading the Mass Awareness by educating and sensitizing the adolescent boys and girls, youth, teachers, mothers on the very crucial aspects of Menstrual Hygiene Management
·         Sensitizing and involving active participation by mothers so that they  can guide their children more responsibly.
·         Imbibing within the girls and women, the need of be healthy and hygienic.
·        Free sanitary napkin distribution to girls and women across from humble backgrounds in the outskirt areas around Tricity Chandigarh inclusive of #Burail, #Khuda_Ali_Sher, #Dhanas, #Kaimbvala etc.

The task is definitely more challenging specially to introduce to the boys with a topic, which is till date, not openly discussed even with the girls. To overcome some of the major barriers of inhibition, embarrassment and humiliation of any sort, separate sessions are conducted for girls and boys. To facilitate the young boys and make them more inquisitive to pay attention and be sensitive to the pain of periods, we correlate the process of periods with the reality of human birth and boys themselves coming into this world. The process of menstrual cycle is explained in detail to the boys, so as to promote complete knowledge and better understanding
After the detailed explanation of all the biological developmental processes happening in the bodies of boys and girls independently, the boys seem to be more confident, respectful and sensitive towards the special needs of both genders and more willing to be supportive and well behaved with the girls. To further boost these feelings of mutual respect and care towards the girls, the boys are narrated the real life story of Mr. Arunachalam Murugnanatham, who brought about the sanitary pad revolution and mastered the indigenous technique of producing low-cost sanitary pads. 

In the girls’ sessions apart from detailed explanation of the menstrual cycle, related process, facts, myths, taboos, the girls are primarily educated on the ways to take care of themselves during the menstruation. Clarify one's doubts about periods, seek guidance from mother or speak to some other elderly women. The girls are specially invoked to either use sanitary napkins or properly washed and sun dried cloth to control the bleeding and avoid staining of clothes during periods.

The girls are also explained that it is normal to have irregular periods in the start as it takes time for body to adapt to new hormones. Irregular periods for a new beginner varying from 22 to 34 days are normal.  The girls are also explained that, not having periods even uptil the age of 15 to 16 is normal but beyond this age, the girls must visit the doctor. The girls are also made to introspect that if anyone of them, feels like eating mitti, chalk or scrape wall- it means they are deficient in iron for which they should consume the iron tablets which are made available in schools and should include iron rich food in their diet, like banana, apple, spinach, black chana, etc. and also one should have lots of water especially during periods.

Girls are made to understand that feeling tired or pain during the periods is normal which can be reduced or overcome by having nutritious food or diet along with practicing healthy lifestyle inclusive of some special exercises and yoga asanas, which our facilitators also demonstrate and make the girls practice during our sessions.

Apart from the adolescent and youth girls and boys, we also sensitize the mothers and teachers to be more rationale in their approach and towards their crucial role in educating and sensitizing their children i.e. helping their girls to face periods more confidently and without much trouble and further inculcate sense of awareness, sensibility, understanding and respect for the opposite gender amongst their boys.

Some of the revolutionary changes witnessed after our sessions are:
1. Girls have become more regular at school and all together more confident in life.
2. Most of the girls have developed the habit of using sanitary pads and have stopped missing school during periods.
3. Boys seem to have developed a strong sense of respect and responsibility towards and majority of them have taken a pledge to come forward for the health and safety of girls.
4. Boys have stopped teasing or bullying the girls specially for the cause of periods.
5. Many college going boys have become part of the Mission Pad Girls and wholeheartedly coming forward to educate and simultaneously distribute sanitary napkins to the girls.
6. Many uneducated and illiterate mothers have also come out of their stereotypes and are now a crucial part of mission pad girls to educate and sensitize their girls and boys respectively.
7. Many school and college Teachers and Principals have associated with Mission Pad Girls as the Missionaries to further promote and create Mass Awareness of this Mission.

Monday, December 3, 2018

Mass kanjake Program


The main theme of this whole event was to avoid young girls from refraining from school and not being regular in their studies due to shortage of basic school supplies, which could be felt and so intensely reflected in the fulfilling smiles of the girls, who received donations as books, colors, school bags and uniforms.

Manjula Sularia, Director Prasanchetas Foundation welcomed and expressed her heartfelt  gratitude, to each of the donor, volunteer and supporter who came up wholeheartedly to support this bigger cause of enabling our girls to be regular at school and not left out from their basic right to education, just due to deficiency of basic school supplies.


Manjula, also updated all present for the mass kanjake, about one of the prime mission of Prasanchetas Foundation to Promote Child Health and Safety and the various efforts being put in by herself personally and her team to work out solutions to defend our children and specially girls against the demons of child abuse, stereotypes and social 

Team Prasanchetas has already worked with lacs of students, to spread the awareness and educate the masses in the direction of promoting:
Ø  prevention, intervention and remedial measures against child abuse
Ø  health and hygiene with WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) program
Ø  MHM (Menstrual Hygiene Management) to sensitize the girls and boys
Ø  Gender sensitization
Ø  sex education  

The efforts of all the volunteers who had contributed to make this mass kanjake program a very significant and purposeful event for all, were acknowledged as certificates of appreciation handed over by Manjula, Director Prasanchetas Foundation.

Lastly, All present for the event, really acknowledged the good work being done by Prasanchetas Foundation and further inspired, many individuals have expressed their willingness to extend their support as donations, volunteering and further spreading the word in this fight to curb these social evils against our children and be a part of this initiative to provide the less privileged girls with a life of respect, dignity and security.

Monday, September 10, 2018

Teej Celebrations with the Women from the Slums

While our traditions, rituals and festivals add much more significance and value to our daily lives. Celebrating these local festivals also provide the opportunity to spread goodness, wellness along with more awareness and enlightenment.

In this direction only we come up with our next initiative to celebrate teej with the very versatile and talented skilled women and girls, from Navchetna Project of ASHI, who inspite of being most versatile and capable, need to come out of their inhibitions and take a stand for their own progress and development.

प्रकृति का उत्सव है हरियाली तीज..... In this direction only, we associated Teej, which is the monsoon festival and adds freshness, new life greenery and much more beauty to the whole of environment, a reason to be more thoughtful and dedicate our efforts towards the protection and conservation of our environment.

शक्ति का रूप है प्रकृति इसीलिए प्रकृति से जुड़ी है नारी... उसी प्रकृति की सर्व श्रेष्ठ रचना है नारी.... Such that women and environment have a very strong association not only in their daily lives but also in their existence, as both being the creators and also considered to be of the same feminine gender. 

But on same the environment today is under a major threat and needs urgent attention. So on this teej, we tried sensitizing these women to come up and put in more aggressive efforts to protect and save the environment.

To create a stronger impact we shared and narrated the efforts put in by women and specifically by rural women like#suryamani_bhagat, the #nature_activist from jharkhand #gaura_singh from uttarakhand who initiated the chipko movement.

Lastly these women and girls were also provoked to express and share their own ideas to protect and conserve the environment, where apart from solutions like tree plantation, forest conservation, preparation of household organic manure, they also came up with some of the advanced concepts of rain water harvesting through simple  traditional means.
In all, the women and girls present for the event, were sensitized with the need that as we celebrate
हरयाली तीज, we need to protect, conserve and flourish हरयाली in our envrionment.

Prasanchetas Foundation Inaugural Marked as Celebrating International Yoga Day

Yoga is the Indian heritage of peace and harmony and to mark the inheritance of our culturally and linguistically diverse nation, the International Yoga Day was celebrated as the Inaugural Event of Prasanchetas Foundation on 21st June, 2018 at under the flagship of Ms. Manjula Sularia, Director of Prasanchetas Foundation, along with the accomplished facilitators, volunteers and participants of Martial Arts.

The day was celebrated with complete zeal and excitement to reinforce the impact of Yoga- a peaceful and calm sports to create a balance in the lives of the young practitioners of Taekwondo, the ones observing an extremely aggressive and physically strenuous sports. In the morning session, the Taekwondo students performed a variety of Yoga exercises and special meditation techniques were taught by Master B S Handa, Black Belt 6th Dan. People around the areas were entertained too and even they joined hands to be a part of the session

Along with practicing yoga, meditation was also the chief aspect of the event. Considering that practicing meditation is necessary for one to withstand the current overburdened and stressful lifestyle. The participants were made to refocus themselves by closing their eyes, during which an imaginative journey in the garden of peace and tranquility was undertaken as the meditation process.  

This event was conducted to promote and develop the holistic approach to health and well being wherein the participants were taught various yoga postures and asanas such as surya namaskar , vajra asana, adho mukha svanasana, balasana, virabhadrasana, trikonasana aimed to help them experience the benefits of  expanding their perception of life from individuality to universality. The experience was not just limited to the exercise but to discover a sense of oneness with self, the world and the nature. 

As a token of gratitude mementos were presented byMs. Pooja Sharma from Prasanchetas Foundation to the facilitators and volunteers were acknowledged with appreciation certificates.Last but not the least, completing the cycle of maintaining a good health, the Prasanchetas Team also distributed nutritious refreshments amongst the participants.Considerably, the event was the beginning of the monumental steps to be further undertaken by Prasanchetas Foundation to fulfill one of its objectives of offering a possibility for people of all age groups, religions, nationalities and social backgrounds to experience health and meditation benefits.